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What's New:

Replaced the binary previously available in AppStore due to an error.
Completely rewritten the authentication phase: now more stable and rapid.

xNotifier permits to receive at regular intervals advices that show the number of new requests, messages and notifications received on Facebook.

The xNotifier approach is radically different from his competitors:

it is not a replacement to the facebook website, but an utility to keep you focused on your work while beeing advised on what’s going on your facebook account.

With xNotifier the user can avoid to loose time on his browser watching all the things that distract him from his work.

xNotifier also detects if the Growl notification system is installed and, if so, it is used in order to allow the user to customize in every way the advices received.

At every fixed interval xNotifier checks for new requests, messages and notification and, if present, a notification is shown to the user.

Last but not least, the user can define the delay between each notification; from 1 minute up to 120 minutes, based on the attention he need on his work.


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