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What's New:

- Spacer item type (adds empty space between items)
- support for "note links" from Evernote
- items highlight on mouse over
- bug fixes

******* Works great on OS X 10.7 Lion *******
Essentials app can easily become your favorite and irreplaceable shortcuts pad. Just press hotkey (default is Ctrl + space, but you can customize it in preferences) and Essentials will appear where ever your mouse cursor is (or not, if you choose so in preferences).

You can use it to:

- quickly launch applications
- access assorted folders, documents and files of any kind
- act as clipboard or "dropbox" for your e-mail messages, text clippings, PDF and image clippings
- drag/drop paths and images (from for ex. Adobe Illustrator)
- create, drag/drop or/and mix color item from standard OS X palette
- make YOUR OWN simple Terminal commands/scripts (that can act as droplets too! :) ...now which app can do that! :D)
- run all items from a selected group

Customize it!

- resize groups by holding Command key (⌘) and scroll up or down (or pinch it on trackpad)
- resize items icons (⌘+scroll) and their titles (⌘+⌥+scroll) - hope this feature makes you say "sweet!"
- item spacing preference for even longer titles plus two line rendering of item titles for longer titles
- cycle through groups with Command key (⌘) + up/down arrows
- group your favorite items in any way you like
- reorder groups and items by holding Command key and dragging groups/items to desired position
- mark items AND groups with colors from pop-up menu
- you can finally make your dock look fancy by not overloading it with so many icons

Essentials is simply essential because:

- you can keep your favorite/frequently used items really accessible and nearby
- saves your time and improves your productivity in many ways; e.g. displays right beneath your cursor when you hit the hot key, supports QuickLook, ads text clipping into text clipping (like next sentence) without opening it, groups and items can be colorized for fast viewing…
- it has smooth and intuitive UI
- it is responsive and fast
- it can easily blend like it is part of the OS X


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