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Quickly insert frequently used phrases

Tired of writing the same text over and over again? Anytime you type text into an application, xType can help you do it faster and more accurately! Whether it's your name, your e-mail address, the URL of your blog, your personal address, etc, you probably often find yourself typing the same text again and again.

xType saves hours of typing. It is the ideal solution for personnel in office, technical support, customer care, help desk, call center and medical or legal transcription settings. xType organizes your frequently used text snippets in customizable groups for quick access and saves keystrokes by expanding text abbreviations into full text snippets. xType is ideal for anyone who types the same text repeatedly, improving typing speed and productivity by providing easy access to regularly used text.

For example, you could set a keyboard shortcut so whenever you type "DCT" it automatically expands to "Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us". Adding a new shortcut in xType is simple. Just enter both the abbreviation and the text that you wish the shortcut to expand to.

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