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What's New:

- Fixes a bug when resizing images during export

Softmatic® PhotoStamp™

Batch stamping, batch resizing and automatic thumbnail generation - all in one go!

With Softmatic PhotoStamp it's a fast and easy 5-step process to batch-stamp all your digital images. PhotoStamp stamps text, copyright signs and notices, images (e.g. your company logo), Exif data (like camera model, GPS location, focal length or exposure details), dates and more on your assets.

PhotoStamp reads virtually any image format (including raw formats like Canon CR2 and Nikon NEF) and outputs watermarked images as JPEG, TIFF, PNG and so forth.

Output options include resizing of images, automatic thumbnail generation and flexible naming scheme for output images, including counters.

The "Assistant"-style concept of PhotoStamp makes it very easy to use.

Here's how it works in a nutshell:

1. Simply drag your images (files or complete folders, it doesn't matter) over the drop target in the first pane of the main window.

2. In the second pane use any of the predefined watermark designs or define your own. You can have as many watermarks per image as you want.

3. Set output options like target folder, image format, jpeg quality in the third pane. You can also have PhotoStamp scale the images if you want to confine it to given constraints. A great time saver: Let PhotoStamp create thumbnails in addition to the watermarked images.

4. Review your settings - you can anytime go back to a previous step.

5. For a test run with a single image, click the upper "Start" button in the fifth pane. PhotoStamp will then process only the first of the source images. If you are happy with the result, click the lower "Start" button to process the whole set of images.

Please note: The software has been tested extensively with tens of thousands of images. However, it's impossible to test against every brand and every model of camera on the market. Should you find problems with one of your images, please let us know.


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