Quick Mirror

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Main Features:
☑ A quick and easy mirror
☑ Uses less CPU + Battery than the stock camera app
☑ Looks great on any Screen
☑ Small, and uncluttered
☑ Free, for today only!

Have you ever needed to check your hair before going out, but couldn't find a mirror? Then this is the app for you! Simply tap the icon, and within seconds you have a beautiful mirror right on your desktop.

This app is FREE! Many people have asked "What is the advantage of this over other photo apps that come with my computer?" - Simple! This mirror can seat neatly on the desktop and looks beautiful with its stylish mirror. Also, during tests, the Mirror did not use up as much battery life as leaving other Photo apps open, so you can leave it open for longer on your desktop without worrying about battery life!

Quick Mirror

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