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What's New:

- No longer marks folders for protection. Due to certain design limitations this feature had to be completely removed instead of expanded the way some users wanted it to.

- Fixed a bug where the global hotkey would not be set.

Never trash the wrong file again!

Harald sits quietly in the background and watches over your files.
If it detects a protected file being moved to the trash, it will issue an alert so that you can take action before accidentally deleting important data. For those who do not always have access to Time Machine or any other means of backup, Harald can be a true life-saver!

For a quick preview of how Harald works, see the following video: http://bit.ly/fcbr5j

Key features:

• Easily mark any file for protection directly in the Finder

• Get an instant notification when protected files are moved to the trash can

• Get a quick overview of which files are protected by Harald


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