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Pdfselect allows to extract pages from a single pdf file or from multiple files and to combine these pages to a new pdf file.

The modus pdfselect

There are two ways to use Pdfselect. The first modus is called pdfselect, and it is applicable, when the source is a single pdf document, which has to be opened in Preview. Clicking then either the button "run pdfselect" or "run pdfselect + open pdf" in Pdfselect's main window, will open a dialogue window where you specify which pages should be extracted by entering the page numbers as a list, e.g., the list


entered in a dialogue window, will produce a pdf file containing the pages 3, 7-23, and page 1 in that order. The paper size will be that of the original file. The string "-" will insert all pages and "4-" all pages starting with page 4.

The modus pdfmerge

The second modus can be used in case of a single source file or in case of multiple source files.
Pdfselect then merges the selected pages into a common pdf file named according to your wishes. The pdf files are chosen with the help of standard open file dialogues and the page selection follows the identical rules as explained above.


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