Spin Music Free - The Internet Stream Radio

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Spin Free Music - The neverending music radio

Do you like reggae? Love the 80s music? Spin Music can accompany each
moment of your day with the best songs of your favorite musical genres.

Finally an easy and quick to listen to the music you want
while you are on your Mac: Spin Music has a wide range of genres
where chose from for the genus and within seconds you can already enjoy the music you were looking for.

You can move between the radio channels of a single genre or start your search again
changing among the more than twenty kinds of music hosted, all with excellent quality
When recognized, Spin Music offers you for every track title, author, cover
the album and also the ability to purchase through iTunes.
Moreover, for all its reopening Spin Music retune to the last station
listened to, always keeping a list of the last two tracks played.

Great app for listening music .. pretty complete channels ..

Just tried out the SPIN and love it. That Lean and simple app integrates into the menu bar.


Spin is a GREAT App Free & Easy. Thanks for making it happen. I LOVE IT!

This is by making the best application I've downloaded free from the app store. You have a
eXtense variety of genres and it tells you Which song is playing I know you can buy from itunes.
The only bad thing is That it freezes ocasionally
I've thoroughly enjoyed this app for the variety of music and it's easiness to use! i have an
itunes library of over 30gbs But it's nice to get a flow of new and Music that is specified by


Spin Music Free - The Internet Stream Radio
Spin Music Free - The Internet Stream Radio
Spin Music Free - The Internet Stream Radio

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