Shape Rocket

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Match the shape with the same shape but a different color. There is also a mode to match the shape with its written name. Shape pronunciation occurs when a match is made. There is also an interactive gallery and a pop quiz so you can touch, listen, learn and test the knowledge gained. This is a great game for your younger children.

★ Matching of 8 shapes (of 10 possible shapes) at a time.
★ Great background music and sound effects.
★ Fun and educational at the same.
★ A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration.
★ A system that allows children of any age to enjoy and win.
★ Gallery mode to preview shapes in different colors and study them with your child.
★ Pop quiz to test the knowledge gained.
★ Head 2 Head system for 2 players at once in fun turn based game. This is great for siblings, parent/child and among friends.

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Shape Rocket
Shape Rocket
Shape Rocket
Shape Rocket
Shape Rocket

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