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Resolved issue which sometimes prevented the program to be launched

Have you ever been annoyed that you constantly have to switch between different Applications back and forth just to copy a couple of things? If so, then this is the solution.

Unlike the system clipboard with CopyPaster you can store and access instantly up to 100 items. CopyPaster can manage almost all data formats supported by general Mac OS X clipboard. It is irreplaceable if you are working with text, images, files or any other data formats. No need to switch between applications any more, just copy all you need at once and then access, preview and paste whenever you want. Use nice, simple and well thought CopyPaster user interface and do your work easier and faster.

CopyPaster was designed not to replace the system clipboard, but to extend it in many ways. Everything you copy to the system clipboard is captured automatically, so you do not need to care how to get the data to CopyPaster.

Paste instantly any items from CopyPaster to the active application or just put the item to the system clipboard to make the item available for the paste operation using the CMD+V keystroke or "Paste" option from menubar.

Here are some amazing CopyPaster features:

- Extend your clipboard up to 100 items.
- Copy and paste data in any format supported by Mac OS X. Text, Pictures, Files and any applications specific data...
- See the preview of stored items.
- Seamless Quick Look integration to preview the content of stored items.
- Access the clipboard with a single user defined keystroke.
- Displays the icon of source application the data was copied from.
- Integrated inline search to find fast the right item.
- Put any element to the system clipboard without pasting it in to the active application.
- Define the maximal number of items stored in CopyPaster.
- Optionally paste data with a single mouse click.

Give CopyPaster a chance to help you do your work faster and easier.


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