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*** Create & Share Videos with Moso ***

Moso is a new app that makes editing and sharing videos fast, easy and fun.

You’ve never seen anything like Moso! This is a new type of software that lets you create complete videos -- including music, video, photos, sound effects, motion text and credits -- without having to read thick how-to manuals.

Creating video is only half of the fun. Thanks to the built-in social functions of Moso, publishing your videos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is just as easy as creating the video. Moso is truly the easiest way to tell *your* story in the age of social media.

Underneath the simple user interface is a powerful video creation suite. While many easy-to-use apps sacrifice functionality for simplicity, Moso has merely created a cleaner way to implement professional features. Once you start playing with Moso, the possibilities are endless! We’ve seen Moso’s for:
•Communication tool for artists & entertainers
•Product videos for online shops
•Keeping in touch with family on Facebook
•Hilarious viral videos on YouTube
•Video messages for weddings

*** Main Features of Moso ***

* Record and Edit Video In Real-Time *
With our patent pending “Real-Time Recording Technique” video editing is now easy and fun.

* You Can Record With Your Web Cam *
Using nothing but your keyboard and your web cam, you can create some pretty interesting videos! Moso’s expandable “10-Key Effect” feature allows you to add motion text, sound effects and graphic overlays to your video in real time using only the number keys on your keyboard.

* Professional Titles & Credits Are Easy *
Type your message and select the effect... it’s that easy. The built-in “Motion Text” feature is the solution for people who want to add text to their videos but - until now - didn’t know how.

* Include Music & Sound Effects *
If you’ve ever tried adding audio to your video, you know that even the “easy” methods are pretty complex. Not anymore! Moso lets you add music and sound effects in a way that is fun and feels natural.

* Moso is Totally Social *
Want to share your video with friends and family on Facebook? Feel like broadcasting your latest creation globally on YouTube and Twitter? Moso automatically uploads your files to social services without even opening your browser.

*** Usage Examples of Moso ***

* Creating Family Movies *
Why not spend time with your family by adding motion text and music to the videos taken with your digital camera? It’s fun and easy!

* Make a Video Blog *
With the popularity of blogs, many people have started sharing their lives with video as well. If you have a laptop computer with Moso installed, you can upload personal video posts to your site whenever & wherever inspiration strikes!

* Video Presentations *
You can export PowerPoint or Keynote slide shows to images or movies, and import them into Moso. Then you can explain the slides with your microphone and create a presentation video in real time. The final movie can be emailed to clients and co-workers -- or automatically uploaded to YouTube. Moso is perfect for getting information to people who can’t make it to meetings.

* Product and Store Promotion *
With only Moso and a digital camera, you can create promotional videos for your products and services. Why pay a production company? Moso let’s you do it yourself in minutes!

* Personal Video Letters *
Moso makes it easy to stay in touch with loved ones. You can create a video montage for a wedding with only your digital camera. If you’re away from home you send a quick video message to your family in minutes!


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