Balance Forecasting

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What's New:

Thanks for all the positive feedback you sent me so far!

* Redesigned syncing interface. The new code is faster, more scalable and less prone to errors. This does not affect any data. This does not affect any data. IMPORTANT: If you also use the iPhone app, make sure you update that version 5.1.1, otherwise sync won't work. To sync different accounts, you now have to create the account with the same name on both devices.
* Fixed an issue where in certain cases, the editing window would close out when setting focus on the name, amount or note fields. Sorry about that. I must have made a last minute mistake before I submitted.
* Fixed calendar refreshing issues
* Introduced an option where you can turn on scrolling to negative balance, if your future balance should ever turn negative
* Fixed monthly approximation issue.

Have you found yourself often asking the questions “What will my bank balance look like in 3 months if I increase my credit card payment by X dollars? Can I afford to buy a new set of headphones in 3 months?” I was always having issues with those types of questions. Furthermore, I felt very disorganized, because I have around 15 monthly bills, each due on a different date. That’s how my app was born. You input your bills and income, you update your current balance and it tells you what your new balance will be after you have paid a bill or after income comes in.

For more information on all of the features, please visit the support page. There is an in-depth FAQ page there as well. If you have a feature request, please email support. Chances are very high that I will implement what you ask.

This app is a good replacement for the discontinued Quicken Online, specifically the bill tracking and forecasting features.

There is also a companion iPhone app that has been out there for a while. It also syncs with the desktop version. Please keep in mind that it is not two way sync, so you cannot make changes on both devices at the same time. Make sure you are using version 5.0 or greater of the iPhone app if you will sync.

This app is also for you if you simply need a bill tracking app. With this versatile app, you can mark bills as paid, search, view them in a calendar, view them in a list sorted by date, mark important bills so they pop up and much more.


Forecast your balance
The application takes the information you entered and provides lists sorted by date. Here you can see how much money you have left on any given day in the future. Make sure you update the balance first at the top of the list to get an accurate figure!

Web Access
This feature is still in its infancy, but more features are coming. For now, you will be able to backup and restore the data from the app for safekeeping. You can also turn on Sync, and it will sync up your current bills, income, history, accounts and balances with www.balanceforecastingapp.me, where you will be able to see your forecast there as well as a quick reference.

Multiple Accounts

History that contains all the items you've marked paid in the past

Visual notification if your balance falls below 0 at any point in the future

Searching and filtering
Search and filter your forecast items based on date, name, amount and balance by tapping the search bar. This powerful feature allows you to narrow things down to whatever you could think of.

Calendar view

Backup and Restore


Balance Forecasting
Balance Forecasting
Balance Forecasting

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