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What's New:

Application is fixed for those who couldn't start it before.

Put a calendar on your menu bar!

This app is the easiest way to access your schedule at a glance.
You will save time and be much more productive.
Don't take our word for it, try it yourself.

Calendar features:

√ See today's date in the menu bar
√ One click brings up a cool overview of your schedule
√ Hover over any day to see a detailed list of events coming up
√ Hover over any calendar to filter the list by that calendar
√ Submenu to quickly navigate months
√ Works with your iCal events
√ Click on any day or month and manage it in iCal

Coming soon:

* Social calendar features, so you can see what your friends are planning.

Tell your friends about this app. If they have it installed, you will be able to make plans together in an upcoming update.


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