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What's New:

- You can now download attachment files in the embedded browser.

Thanks for helping us make gNotifier a better App for everyone. Keep the feedback coming!

What the press is saying about gNotifier:
- "gNotifier offers an advantage over the former system in that it can provide alerts for multiple Gmail accounts—Google’s own product allows only one account at a time." (MacWorld.com - Editor's Pick)
- "Gmail, Calendar and Docs, with this application you can have any accounts you want, this is an app that you cannot miss for your Mac" (MacVisions.net)

Get notifications for multiple GMail accounts on your desktop!

gNotifier shows notifications for your GApps Services (GDocs, GMail and GCal). Click on a notification or the item in the dock menu to access it directly.

gNotifier will let you know when someone shares or modifies a document in GDocs. It will also launch an alarm whenever a there is a reminder configured for one of your GCal events.

With gNotifier, you can know exactly what's going on at all times!

All your feedback is very welcomed! Please contact our support or our Twitter account "agileroute" with your doubts and suggestions. Thank you for helping us make gNotifier a better app!


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