Social Clipboard

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What's New:

- Optionally show status bar icon to access items history and program functions.
- Optionally hide the dock icon (show status bar icon only).
- The history window does not appear anymore at log-in.
- Several speed optimizations while copying big files.
- Button to delete all items from the history window and status bar menu.
- You can configure if you prefer the history to be deleted when the app closes.
- Fixed minor UI bugs.

Copy and Share without limits!

Copying and pasting items one by one is a thing of the past. With Social Clipboard you can copy multiple items, and then select and paste them into your favorite application just by pressing a hot-key!

But, why just pasting things to your own machine? Social Clipboard allows you to share any picture or text in your pasteboard and share it via social networks (Twitter, Facebook), save it to a file or even upload it to Dropbox and give you back a short URL pointing to it!

Social Clipboard comes with a handy URL shortener for Twitter posts and lets you strip your text of any format just with a click.

Experience true power of sharing NOW!

Social Clipboard
Social Clipboard
Social Clipboard
Social Clipboard
Social Clipboard

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