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Gravit is visually stunning gravity simulator, where you can spend many hours of fun and experimentation. It simulates the N-body problem using the Barnes-Hut Algorithm.

** NOTE ** There is a bug with the keyboard controls. You must hold down the "fn" key when pressing the function keys (F1-F12). Press:
- fn-F8 to start a new simulation
- fn-F6 to start recording
This will be fixed very soon, with on-screen buttons.

Many features including:
- It looks pretty and is easy to use.
- View the simulation in 3D using stereoscopic imaging!
- You can record, then play back at any speed
- Stores every particle's position for every frame in memory
- Compresses history when needed, for very long recordings
- Mouse controllable rotation
- Colours can be based on mass, velocity, acceleration, momentum or kinetic energy
- See an octtree being created in real-time
- Save/Load functionality
- Update display/input while recording a frame


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