Garmin Training Center

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What's New:

• Strings in FIT files are now read & written using UTF-8 encoding. If you are seeing garbled text, please update your device firmware.
• Fixed a crash caused by invalid FIT activities that do not contain a start time.
• Fixed a rare crash when reading certain TCX files.
• Fixed issue with zero duration laps from FIT files.
• Fixed issue with custom power workouts with values greater than 256 watts or 100%
• Added ability to read FIT files that do not specify an activity type.

Garmin Training Center allows you to view and exchange fitness information between your compatible Garmin device and your computer. You can:
• Create individual user profiles, including weight, heart rate, and speed zone information for multiple sports (running, biking, other).
• Review your activity history, including your time, distance, average speed, the path you took, your altitude, average pedal cadence, and heart rate.
• Create and schedule advanced workouts and transfer them to your Garmin device.
• Create and edit courses based on existing activities, and then send them to your Garmin device.

Garmin Training Center
Garmin Training Center
Garmin Training Center
Garmin Training Center

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