iScan - Police and Fire Scanner

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What's New:

- Fixes favorites not saving.
- Auto start playing the last feed playing in iScan when you re-open it.
- Changes to search, you can now search for terms like "coveince store on main street".

Thank you for using iScan!

***Free for a limited time***

With iScan you can listen to live police and fire feeds so you know what's going on in your own backyard. iScan includes feeds from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

- Feeds from around America, Canada, and Australia
- Alpha Tags that let you see which channel is active on the scanner
- Feeds are sorted by state for easy navigation
- Save your 5 favorite feeds for easy access
- A map of the area around the current playing feed
- Search the map so you can find out where a call is located
- 3 different police 10-codes libraries to choose from so you can understand the lingo
- A mini player so you can control iScan in the background
- Alpha Tag alerts allowing you to get alerts when a channel becomes active

Feeds included:
- New York Police & Fire
- Miami
- Las Vegas
- Houston
- Baltimore City Police & Fire
- Washington D.C. Fire
- Green Bay
- Salt Lake City
- Philadelphia
- Pittsburgh Fire
- Washington County, PA Fire and Police
- Comanche County, OK Fire and Police
- St. Louis
- Many more...

Is your area not listed? Email me at beansbytes@beansbytes.com and I'll try our best to add it for you!

Notice: iScan does not own or maintain any feeds and can not ensure the quality or if they are online. Locations are subject to availability. Feeds are subject to change or be removed.

iScan - Police and Fire Scanner
iScan - Police and Fire Scanner
iScan - Police and Fire Scanner

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