Reversi RG

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What's New:

- Two Player Mode
- Resizable Window
- Customizable Background Color
- Different Start Setups adjustable
- Start Color adjustable
- Computer Reaction Time adjustable
- Animation Speed adjustable
- Sound Effects
- Much Optimizations behind the Scenes

Thanks for your suggestions! Further development is in the process.

✭ Play Reversi against a beasty algorithm behind a beautiful surface.

✔ Strong Computer Opponent
✔ Eight Difficulty Levels
✔ Clean Graphics and Animations
✔ Customize your Board

✭ Try also our iPhone app REVERSI GC

Reversi rules

Reversi is played by two players on a 8x8 grid with pieces that have a white and a black face, each side corresponds to one player.

Each Player must place a piece with his color side up on the board, in such a position that there exists at least one straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) occupied line between the new piece and another piece of the player's color.

Players take alternate turns. If one player cannot make a valid move, play passes back to the other player. When neither player can move, the game ends.

The player with the most pieces on the board at the end of the game wins.

❀ Please support this project by reviewing, commenting and suggesting improvements. We need your feedback!
We just love this game and especially our fine tuned AI-algorithm, which we try to improve to the best. We are also working hard on a real intuitive and beautiful user interface.

Reversi RG

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